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  • Cardiology Department
    17 June 5 PM-6 PM
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    17 June 5 PM-9 PM
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Available Appointments from June 16, 2019 to 22 June, 2019


We are a multidisciplinary health facility offering safe primary and secondary care at competitive prices for our community to achieve the up most patient experience.



By 2025 the Green Crescent Hospital is one of the first options for patients to receive medical care and quality compliant with the national healthcare delivery model.

Accreditation and quality

Accreditation and quality

To ensure the quality of services and meeting the quality requirements, the hospital has been accredited by the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health facilities (CBAHI) since 2013 and renewed to 2020

CEO Message

CEO Message

It has been years of progress and development, experience and achievements since the establishment of the Green Crescent Hospital in 1987, which has occupied the hospital throughout this period the leadership and lead in the provision of quality health services and participated in the improvement and development of the community


We offer the best services to patients at Green Crescent Hospital through several different clinics and skilled doctors

Covered insurance Companies

Because we care about your health, we rely on all insurance companies.

Hospital Visitors Reviews

Dr. Inas is an excellent, faithful and meticulous thoracic specialist in her work... Take care of the patient and listen well to him. May God reward it well
If you say thank you, my thanks will not be fulfilled, really you sought it was to seek thanks, that dried ink for the expression writes you the heart of the purity of love expression.
Special thanks to the Green Crescent Hospital and its cooperation with us and especially doctor. Mostafa Youssef Ibrahim Urology Clinic
May Allah Almighty bless your efforts and reward you with the best penalty
I wanted to thank all the medical staff in the hospital, the ambulance department, the intensive Care department, all the doctors and nurses who followed my husband's condition in the dormitory rooms, they were the pinnacle of sophistication in their dealings with the patient and with the visitors
Ghofran Zatary
Very good staff, mannered and nice way of talking and dealing with patients actually this hospital and staff both they deserve 7 stars
Adil Mehmood