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Appointment Booking

You can book your appointment with your doctor at any time you want
Available Appointments from 23 فبراير، 2024 to 29 February، 2024
Goal, Message, Vision

Goal, Message, Vision

Is a multidisciplinary health facility offering safe primary and secondary care at competitive prices to our local community to achieve the best patient experience.

Hospital aspirations

Hospital aspirations

Green Crescent Hospital Vision To be a leading hospital and a distinguished center for health services in Saudi Arabia.

Accreditation of hospitals

Accreditation of hospitals

Saudi Central Council for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions

The Saudi Central Council for Accreditation of Health Institutions is the official agency authorized to grant accreditation to all public and private health facilities operating today in Saudi Arabia. Green Crescent Hospital is accredited by Kabi for 2017 until 2020

Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Years of progress, development, experience and achievements since the establishment of the Green Crescent Hospital in 1987, which occupied the hospital throughout this period leadership and leadership in providing quality health services and participated in the improvement and development for the community

Our Medical Team

We provide the best services to patients at Green Crescent Hospital through several different clinics and skilled doctors

Our Insurance Companies

Because we care about you and your health we adopt all insurance companies

Opinion of hospital auditors

Doctor of Internal Medicine
We thank the doctor for his wonderful effort with his son and thank God for making healing on his hand.

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